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About JG and the Robots


JG and the Robots is a unique EDM experience. It incorporates a variety of Robots with electronic dance music.  The music takes a step in a new direction from traditional electronic music. JG and the Robots will open your mind to the dark realms of electronics that are swiftly becoming self aware. The music breaks free from reality and the bonds of space and time.  


JG first became recognized as forming the first major electronic band from Texas known as T-4-2. Originally a duo from Dallas Texas, USA, with members Jay Gillian and Jimron Goff. Vocalist Will Loconto replaced Goff in 1989. The band released a cassette EP, Hot on Top, to local acclaim and airplay on local station The Edge 94.5, which also included a version of the song "Ecstasy" on the first Tales From the Edge compilation. 


Oak Lawn Records picked up the band for a 12" single edition of "Don't Let My Love (Push You Away)", which did well enough to attract the attention of Columbia Records, who signed the group.Columbia sent them into the studio with Information Society's Paul Robb handling production duties, releasing Intruder in 1992. 


Now with a vision and desire to break free from basic EDM and deliver a visual experience like never seen before,  JG performs as a robo sapien cyborg with various other robots.

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